20 Aug

Caring for a Person with Autism (PWA) is no picnic. There are social, behavioral and communication deficits that need to be addressed on a daily basis regardless of the PWA’s age, IQ or social condition (mild, moderate or severe)..
Reducing disruptive behaviors and strengthening their own coping skills are just some of the objectives a primary caregiver needs to keep in mind..
AAAP has come up with the PWA Caregivers Stress Busting Techniques Training to help assist parents/guardians when professional services are lacking or still underway since we know there are long waiting lists for services in many large metropolitan areas…..
These concrete strategies will tide things over for the caregiver while waiting for professional help at the same time teach the participants to learn ways to ease up and de-stress emotionally, mentally and physically through quick practical movements/exercises.
The session will zero in on teaching the primary caregivers certain skills that improve how they interact with the PWAs and deal with challenging behaviors on certain settings. How to foster communication and further develop language skills. Skills to be used on a daily basis as they participate in activities at home, school and play. It applies across toddlers, puberty and adult stages…

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