How can I join AAAP?
Fill out our membership application form here. For inquiries, you may email us at adultautismphil@gmail.com.

I do not have a special adult in my family; but I would like to help. How can I get in touch with you?
Send us an email at adultautismphil@gmail.com. Include your contact details and a short introduction, and describe how you would like to participate in AAAP initiatives.

How do I send monetary donations to AAAP?
You may donate online via our PayPal account here.

You can also make your cash or check deposit at any Bank of the Philippine Island branch or on-line. Account Number 0401.0099.49. If depositing directly to the bank account, write your name on the deposit slip, scan, and email to: adultautismphil@gmail.com.

I am a writer with a story to tell. How do I become a contributor?

Pitch your article to us at adultautismphil@gmail.com.

What are the editorial guidelines for contributors?

1. Articles should be original. You may wish to link to an existing web article; but it should be accompanied by your insights which with AAAP aims and initiatives.

2. Articles in Filipino and English are welcome. They should observe basic rules of readability — good grammar, syntax, spelling etcetera.

3. Articles should include a well-composed photograph. Photograph should be “realistic” — no digital enhancements, no texts in the photo, etcetera.

4. If you are quoting an article or reusing photograph from another site, the author is responsible for checking the copyright or getting permission from the author. Citations, if needed, are imperative.

5. Authors should classify their articles under any of the following categories. These may expand as the breadth of topics our contributors can cover presents itself.

… In the News – repost of on-line articles which mention AAAP and our members.
… Events – activities members and readers may join or coverage of a past event.
… People – personal stories from parents or spotlight on notable PWAs or professionals
… Places – spotlight on therapy centers, schools or other institutions that our membership can benefit from.
… Projects – spotlight on projects initiated by government and private institutions that our membership can benefit from.
… Education – results of studies here and abroad on autism. Note, that articles should target ADULTS.

One Response to “FAQs”

  1. angela 19 March 2014 at 03:11 #

    how can i talk to someone from AAAP? do you have an office or contact number in manila? thanks

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