Meet our Members

AAAP members — adults withautism and their loved ones — are unique, interesting individuals with many wonderful gifts and interesting passions. Get to know them here.

Vico Cham is a talented graphic artist, who attends Shine SPED Center in Pasig City. Training under Gabby Atienza of UP, Vico staged a one-man show in 2010. With the support of his parents, Victor and Cathy and his big brother, Carlos, Vico continues to explore his artistic talents. Read more on Vico.

Lirio Sobrevinas Covey is the founder of AAAP and the proud mother of Mikey, an adult with autism. She is currently a Professor in Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry with Columbia University Medical Center. After more than 50 years of studying and working in the United States, Lirio is returning with her family to live in Manila. When she is not ballroom dancing or renewing childhood and college friendships, she plans to devote her time in the Philippines to the development and nurturance of AAAP and the residents of A Special Place. She has been an AAAP member since 2010. Read more on Lirio.

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