Dr. Isabelle Rapin, Modern Autism Pioneer has passed away

29 May

Dr. Isabelle Rapin, noted clinician, scientist, scholar, and teacher has passed away. She was gentle, warm and empathetic.She was my son’s first neurologist, referred to us through Dr. Oliver Sacks. Both are now gone. It was 1982, she told me my son Mikey had pervasive developmental disorder and treated him effectively for his seizure disorder. Discouraged me from trying out untested autism "cures", despite my insistences. She encouraged me (Lirio Covey) to prepare him for a life no longer fully in our family household when he would reach adulthood. I thank her for that advice and for her personal touch. Some years into our interactions as clinician and patient’ s mother, she ended telephone conversations calling me- my friend. May she rest in peace. .

Below is the New York Times obituary for Dr. Rapin.​



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