AAAP on Malaya’s Business Insight

8 Jan

AAAP earned media coverage again this week with an editorial that appeared in Malaya’s Business Insight. We are thankful that the concept of a residential community for adults with autism is making it’s way into mainstream discussions.

Adults with Autism
by Dahli Aspillera
Published: 06 January 2012

THE Association for Adults with Autism, Philippines (AAAP) is undertaking a project to provide long-term care and assistance in a safe and secure residence for the autistic in a community independent from their families. They can grow amidst their peers to live a wholesome, productive and happy life in a natural environment. A fund-raising drive is being launched on February 20 for a need whose time has come, especially with Autism Week coming up this month. For details, email;, call Catherine Cham, 638-7976, cell 0917-500-7760

"A Special Place" -- let's build it!

Residents will participate in day programs were they can develop their social and cognitive abilities, apply their learned skills in work opportunities, and engage in recreational activities that they enjoy. Sliding scale fees will be charged to cover costs of board and lodging, site maintenance, and managing the day programs.

AAAP was conceived and established by parents of individuals with autism with the assistance and advice by professionals trained in the care of disabled population. AAAP is registered with the SEC as a non-profit, non-stock corporation.

AAAP incorporators and officers: President: Lirio Sobrevinas Covey, Ph.D., professor, Columbia University Medical Center, NYC (parent of Mikey); Vice Presidents Erlinda Koe, President Emeritus, Autism Society of the Philippines (parent of Gio); Olivia Altarejos, American Association for Help of Retarded Children, NYC (parent of CV); Treasurer: Sr. Pilar Verzosa, Founder, Pro-Life Foundation Philippines; Secretary, Ma. Victoria Silva, CEFAM ; Abelardo Apollo David Jr, founder of Independent Learning & Living Center and REACH; Alejandro Z. Gaston, MBM, Asian Institute of Management; Joel Ponsaran, Brothers of Charity. Consultants: Ayala Foundation Inc.; Camphill Village Organization (US, UK, Ireland); Atty. Rogel Atienza.

Autism is a complex behavioral and neurological condition characterized by a range and variety of mental and behavioral impairments. Hence, the diagnostic term of the disorder is Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The impairments of ASD are usually manifested during early childhood and continue throughout the affected individuals’ lifetime.

Time exerts a future problem for children with autism and for their parents. They grow up. Most of the childhood behavioral and cognitive impairments continue, but with age and physical growth, new psychological and social needs emerge. The parents of these adults with autism grow old, too. Their ability to care for their child diminishes as the parents age. When the parents are gone, surrogate parents or relatives may not be available. The critical question asked by parents becomes… “Who will take care of my child?”

It is estimated that there are one million Filipinos with autism. There is no residential facility for adults with autism in the Philippines. A Special Place will be the flagship residential project of AAAP.

Donations to AAAP are accepted at any Bank of the Philippine Island branch or on-line. Account Number 0401.0099.49. A method of on-line donations will be available shortly.

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