Me and my Gregarious Gifts

31 Dec

Carlo Gregorio Veluz (or Carl for short) and his mom, Mona, were among the pioneer members of AAAP. They have also been, for many years, proud members of the Autism Society of the Philippines. Carl, a high-functioning PWA, has grand dreams of being a successful entrepreneur; and works hard everyday to make that a reality.  The following article was written by Carl and was first published in the ASP website last 29 June 2011.

My name is Carl and I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to own modern buildings that also have modern interiors. But my mom says I have to raise money first before I can buy my buildings, so I came up with Gregarious Gifts. I call it “Gregarious” because my other name is “Gregorio” and my high school classmates called me “Greg”. The word also means fun.

Tiffany Tan, ASP trustee, receives Carl's donation -- part of the proceeds from Gregarious Gifts. (Photo credit: M. Veluz)

My mom designs products that I sell; but I make them all myself. My brother and our helpers also assist me when we have to make a lot. I make gift jars with layered brownie mixes inside. Using old magazines, I also make cards and envelopes by hand. I also tried selling malunggay juice in my school. Last summer, I created products from recycled PEP bottles, like pencil cases, pots for plants and piggy banks. Last year, I sold my products at our village bazaar, at the Entrepreneurship School of Asia foundation week. My school, Independent Living Learning Center (ILLC) wants to help me with my dreams. I sold my products last year during the ILLC Bingo Bazaar. They allowed me to set up my Gregarious Gifts booth every third Friday of the month this school year.

Since I started my business, I always put part of what I earn in a jar. This month is my anniversary, so I brought my donation to ASP. ASP helps families of PWAs, helps the public understand autism and talks to the government to protect the rights of PWAs like me. It wasn’t a large amount; but they appreciated it because the money is from my hard work and not from my parents. I will do it again next year.

Support Carl and visit Gregarious Gifts here.

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